Hi! my name is Diana, and you've somehow just landed on my art blog.

Here I post my own scribbles, finished artworks and photos. I also sometimes post other things than my own stuff, things that inspire or resonate with me in some other way.

Feel free to check out the tags if you are only interested in a specific type of posts.

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The comic continuation is up now on http://aivisura.com/  & http://aivi-surasshu.bandcamp.com/ 

I really hope you will enjoy it! ^o^)/
(and go listen to the wonderful album if you haven’t already!)

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    DIANA IS AMAZING! We are so lucky to be working with her!
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    Thank you so much for those sweet words and for your message as well! You asked me in the message if I had other comics,...
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    One of the best drawn comics I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay eyes upon. This is so awesome I can’t even express it, my...
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